Re-imagining beefy favourites

Long-forgotten traditional beef and lamb dishes are making a comeback thanks to a new Eblex recipe booklet.

The autumn edition of the Simply Beef & Lamb magazine includes a range of historic recipes, such as Beef Braised in Beer and Devonshire Squab Pie, recreated for the modern palate, designed to promote Quality Standard beef and lamb through butchers across the country. Food historian Ivan Day has revisited recipes dating back as far as the late mediaeval period in order to revive a range of traditional beef and lamb classics for the booklet.

Eblex has delved into the past to develop a series of beef and lamb recipes that show people how to cook authentic historical dishes using locally sourced ingredients. The selected recipes include Orange Roast Beef stuffed with Spinach and Herbs, from the reign of Charles II, and Minted Lamb Chops with Cucumber Relish, which can be traced back to the Georgian period.