Christmas gifts

The Christmas adverts on TV started in mid-October, which can only mean one thing putting a huge gulp in the throat of every turkey, duck and goose in the land.

The recession in the UK officially started at the end of January this year, so that makes the coming holiday officially a recessionary Christmas, which must worry many a shop owner. But there are some plus points. Most people will say they are going to spend less this Christmas, but what people usually say is not necessarily what they do.

Also, every year, you read that more and more shoppers are turning to the internet to make their Christmas purchases, but with the ongoing disputes at the Royal Mail, online shopping this year might not be the most attractive option for consumers to take, so for many people, a return to the High Street might be on the cards.

And, let's face it, when the small talk has run out among the family and the TV schedules disappoint, food is always the guiding saviour. Butchers and farm shops can look to supply snacks and extras for a meal, but also specialised food gift ideas. Recession means you have to be more enterprising to thrive. So here are some handy hints to maximise your Christmas revenue.