ISA stays in touch

Retailers selling chilled goods and facing high energy costs may be interested in a new product that is claiming to offer 35-40% energy savings.

ISA has launched a chilled multi-deck cabinet range, using its patent-pending 'In-Touch' technology, which can save on running costs compared to existing designs, claimed the firm.

The new energy-saving system is designed for use on ISA's and partner company Tasselli's new open-front, multi-deck cabinets, for both remote and integral application. The technology incorporates an automatic, transparent shutter system that can enclose the cabinet at the front.

However, even when closed, the transparent shutters allow the products on the shelf to be seen clearly.As a customer approaches the cabinet, the shutters in that section open automatically, stay open while a product is selected and then close after the person has moved away. The shutters are opened and closed automatically by means of a movement sensor located on the top canopy.

The cabinet also includes a special safety feature that detects any resistance against the closing of the shutters and ensures they open again immediately and automatically. Also, on new production units featuring 'In-Touch', the air curtain has been moved further to the front of the unit. Because of this, the depth of the shelves can be increased significantly a typical shelf can be deeper by 130mm, increasing the overall capacity of a cabinet by approximately 25% in the same footprint, added ISA.