Ebro reveals its TLC

German measuring technology specialist Ebro has improved its dual thermometer TLC 720 which it said will help anyone who wants quick and flexible temperature measurement.

The new TLC 730 version complies with many customers' requirements for a wider range of temperatures (-50°C to +350°C) and an additional alarm function.

The TLC 730 is said to be suitable for applications in the food industry and, as a non-contact measurement with infrared, it helps to avoid contamination of food. The dual infrared fold-out thermometer is also claimed to help complete all measuring tasks in transport and in process monitoring quickly and effectively.

The penetration probe for precise core temperature measurements is retractable, Ebro added, and so can be carried around in a bag with no risk of injury.

The thermometer can switch between °C/°F, Min, Max and Lock, and the battery can be exchanged by the user. The dual laser, which limits the measured area, helps to avoid measuring errors.