New ticketing concept from Pentic

Pentic Price Ticketing has introduced a completely new ticketing concept to the market. The company's new reversible ticket, which it has previously sold in a blank white format, is now available with a black chalkboard effect on the reverse.

This is said to give customers a blank canvas on which to write product descriptions. Customers can choose either to use the white plastic side of the ticket for a clear and simple effect or go for a rustic look by using a white pen on the chalkboard side. Pentic said it offers the ticket in two sizes, with a range of water-soluble marker pens for use on the tickets.

All of Pentic's tickets are said to work with an ever-expanding and updated range of holders; customers can choose from upright styles and spikes and clips in either clear or black versions. All products are sold in packs of 10, added Pentic, making it easy to order mix-and-match styles, and a free sample pack can be requested.