Cabinets are to the manor born

Refrigerated retail display manufacturer Manor Concepts has launched two new remote, refrigerated multi-deck cabinets onto the market for shops where space is at a premium.

The large-capacity Python model, with a depth of 1,100mm is particularly suited to larger shops, while the 900mm narrow-depth Viper model is appropriate for smaller retailing outlets.

Python and Viper cabinets are available with case lengths of 1,875mm, 2,500mm and 3,750mm and modules may be multiplexed to create wall or aisle runs. Complementary crown end-cases are also available for end-of-aisle locations.

The cabinets can either come with a temperature range of 1°C to 5°C for the display of dairy, convenience food, snacks and drinks or -1°C to 2°C for pre-packed fresh meat. The low front design of the cabinets is said to maximise merchandising capacity for high traffic areas and retailing flexibility is provided by fully adjustable, 600mm-deep, five-tier shelving on the Python model or 500mm-deep shelves on the Viper model.

Performance and energy efficiency have been the driving factors in the design of the new cabinets, added the firm with the cases having an evaporation point of just -5°C and a low extraction rate. A fixed-glass front fascia helps keep the air temperature stable within the case.