Organic Pioneer Celebrates 20 years

Graig Farm Organics is celebrating 20 years in business with a shortlisting in the Soil Association Organic Business Awards.

The mid-Wales company, which has received praise from celebrity chefs Nigella Lawson and Raymond Blanc, was runner-up for the title of Best Organic Home Delivery Service.

Carolyn Kennard, founding partner at Graig Farm Organics, put the company's longevity and success down to its constant striving for real quality.

Kennard said: "From the beginning we have always thought that if people are paying more for organic food - which they must do as it costs more to produce than non-organic - then there must be a real 'wow factor' to encourage them to come back to buy again.

"While the market has expanded out of all recognition over the past 20 years, people are still buying organic food for the same basic reasons - because it often tastes better, it is better for you and better for the environment.

"We also find that people like to know the story of where their food comes from. As far as our meat is concerned, we know all the farmers who supply us, so we know the history of each animal, and can tell our customers on the label the name of the farmer, location of the farm, and even breed of the animal."