STILL has the edge

Intralogistics firm STILL has launched the next generation of vertical order pickers, the EK-X, on to the market.

The new truck is said to boast the narrowest working aisle widths available in its class and comes in load capacities of up to 1,000kg. This makes it suitable for retail, production and logistics service providers, as well as warehouses with limited space. The new model replaces the outgoing EK 10 series and comes with the future-oriented control system, Optispeed, for safe manoeuvring at all lift heights up to a maximum picking height of 6,350mm.

The EK-X has a large work space for the operator and all controls are claimed to be arranged clearly for easy use. The fully electric steering allows precise positioning of the truck at the picking position, or for stacking pallets.

Optispeed is an intelligent program used to automatically control the speed depending on the actual lift height. Curve speed control is also available as an option, added STILL, and automatically reduces the speed of the truck depending on the steering angle.