Cryogenic research results

Cryogenic freezing is the best freezing option for food manufacturers, according to recent independent research in reviewing cryogenic against mechanical freezers.

A study by Dr Chris Kennedy, entitled Review of Cryogenic Freezing vs Mechanical Freezers, compared the latest innovations in freezing equipment and concluded that cryogenic freezing offers significant cost, time and quality advantages over mechanical technologies. The latest developments in mechanical impingement freezing, cryogenic spiral freezers and the increased efficiency in heat transfer were all encompassed in the report and it was concluded that cryogenic systems remain superior in terms of speed, flexibility, moisture retention and overall quality.

Air Product's Ann Callens, a supplier of industrial gases and equipment, has welcomed the report, describing it as valuable information for frozen food manufacturers. She said: "The overriding conclusions of the study are that cryogenic freezing technology optimises quality and enables manufacturers to adapt their offerings quickly in line with demand a valuable benefit given the constantly evolving needs of today's retailers and consumers."