Waitrose beefs up Welsh stock

Supermarket chain Waitrose is to supply Welsh Black Beef exclusively through its branches in Wales from December in a launch supported by the Minister for Rural Affairs, Elin Jones AM.

The Welsh Black cattle has been sourced from the Wye & Towy Valley Welsh Black Beef Marketing Group and is now available from the Waitrose Service Counters in Abergavenny, Barry, Cardiff, Caldicott and Monmouth from this week.

Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones said: “It is always encouraging to see a successful collaboration launched and I will be very pleased to see Welsh Black Beef on the shelves in Waitrose throughout Wales.”

He added: “I am sure this venture will strengthen the position of the Welsh Black breed for years to come.”

The Welsh Black is said to be the only breed of cattle native to Wales and is descended from pre-Roman Britain. They cows are slow-growing and produce a marbled and succulent meat making it perfect for a variety of cuts. The meat is described as being consistently full of flavour and can be used in a wide range of recipes and cooking methods.

Andy Boulton, Waitrose beef buyer, said: “Produced from steers and heifers under 30 months of age, the meat is matured on the bone for seven days, before being further matured to deliver tender and tasty beef. By establishing a dedicated producer group through our suppliers Dovecote Park, we are working with some of the best farmers in Wales who rear their cattle to the highest standards of welfare. We are proud to be taking an active role in securing the long-term future of the breed.”