Welsh beef in advertising drive
Published:  08 December, 2009

Welsh beef has a new television campaign this December, offering an alternative solution to the traditional turkey on Christmas Day.

A 30-second advert will now appear on Welsh television showing viewers Welsh beef’s versatility and featuring a voice-over from Welsh actor Matthew Rhys. The ad will explain different methods of cooking Welsh Beef to help inspire people who are tired of the ‘traditional’ Christmas fare.

Bill Joyce, HCC marketing manager, said: “This advert shows what you can do with a top-quality meat like Welsh Beef. There are many different ways to cook it, meaning that it can be used no matter what the occasion.

“Not everyone likes turkey on Christmas day and, after seeing this advert, maybe some people will be inspired to try something different this year.”

Following last year’s campaign, a survey by HCC has found that three out of four shoppers said they were more likely to buy Welsh Beef after seeing the advert and more than 80% said they would buy Welsh Beef over meat from other countries.

HCC has also produced two new recipe books for Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef, featuring a host of winter and autumn-inspired meals, including the Christmas boned and rolled Rib of Welsh Beef with garlic and herbs served with walnut Yorkshire puddings.

The recipe books are available in local butchers across Wales while many more recipes are also available at www.eatwelshlamb.co.uk/recipes-winter.aspx