Asda enlarge Red Tractor logos

Asda has announced it is to dramatically increase the size of the Red Tractor logo on all the British meat it sells in its stores.

The supermarket giant has claimed the move is a clear signal of intent from the company to maximise its sourcing of British meat and promote the high standards of management and welfare practised on farm-assured British farms.

Asda red meat buying manager Jim Viggars said: “Asda is determined to source as much meat as possible from British farms and to promote this to our consumers. The Red Tractor logo is a well-recognised symbol of excellence in farming and one that consumers easily identify when purchasing products.

“As a retailer, we are committed to a sustainable, profitable red meat sector in the UK and work closely with our processors to help return as much value to farmers as possible.”
Asda has added it will also be working to raise awareness of the Red Tractor logo among consumers to help them identify British meat in stores.

Commenting on the move, NFU chief livestock adviser John Mercer said: “The NFU is pleased to see Asda’s increased commitment to the Red Tractor and the values that underpin British farm assurance.”