ABP's aims for young processors

Anglo Beef Processors (ABP) is launching a student bursary scheme for young people wanting a career as a farmer, food technologist or in the processing industry.

The scheme is open to 18- to 26-year-olds, who will get the chance to study on a relevant course at any higher education facility in the UK, either full or part-time.

ABP will offer financial support, work experience, and opportunities to work on relevant projects, while all students will also be allocated an ABP mentor.


Stuart Roberts of ABP said: “This offers a real opportunity to support tomorrow’s farmers and workers in the processing industry... which is becoming so technological that we need to attract highly educated and motivated workers.”


Alistair Mackintosh, chairman of the NFU livestock committee, added: “It is now more important than ever that we actively support young people who are determined to build a career in such an important sector of the farming industry.”


Application forms for the scheme are available from Ruth Mason at ruth.mason@anglobeef.com. The closing date for students beginning studies in September/October 2010 is 30 June.