Poultry farm under fire from Animal Aid
Published:  18 December, 2009

Animal Aid has announced it has obtained further footage of alleged cruelty, this time against birds in an organic and free-range poultry farm in Devon.

The animal rights organisation filmed secret footage on two occasions in November and December 2009 at Otter Valley Poultry where it has alleged cruelty towards chickens.

A statement read: “The condition of the chickens was especially worrying. Several of the birds were so badly crippled that they were unable to stand. In addition, three dead turkeys were found in a shed with live birds, and three dead pigs were so badly decomposed that their original forms were barely recognisable.

“In the slaughter room, there were huge heaps of wings and feathers, and a trough full of blood that had been left there overnight.”

Animal Aid head of campaigns Kate Fowler said: “We believe that the gap between public expectations for organic poultry and what we filmed at this Devon farm and slaughterhouse is immense. The footage is distressing in terms of animal welfare and it also raises public health questions.”
More to follow next week.