Wholesaler spreads Christmas cheer with homeless

Meat wholesaler Tadmarton Products has helped save 2,000 Christmas dinners by donating turkey joints to Crisis.

The housing charity urgently needed enough turkey joints to provide a festive meal for the homeless at its nine London centres, after the original donor dropped out at the 11th hour.


The Crisis team found Banbury-based Tadmarton Products in an internet search and MD Mike Mourant offered to donate half of the turkey and provide the remainder at cost price, if a second sponsor could be found. Within a few hours, a London Clearing House had agreed to fund the cost of the remaining meat.


Crisis resource executive, Lynnette Murad, said: “Through their generosity, 2,000 homeless and vulnerably housed people will now be able to enjoy a delicious Christmas meal at our London centres.”


Mourant added: “We believe in giving something back to the community which supports our business. We take our Christmas meals for granted and it is sobering to think of vulnerable people going hungry on Christmas Day.”