Scottish farmers call for snow help

Scottish beef farmers are calling on the authorities for emergency cash to help deal with damage from the recent snow-fall.
The National Beef Association (NBA) has called on the Scottish government's cabinet secretary Richard Lochhead to set up a national emergency fund to help farmer limit damage caused by the snow.

The NBA said it was particularly worried about the short term consequences of collapsed cattle sheds and wants to see an emergency relief system established so that the severe, welfare and economic, problems created by housed stock being exposed to winter weather conditions can be quickly overcome.

“Snowfall has been so heavy that the roofs on a number of cattle sheds have caved in. Mr Lochhead is aware of the urgent nature of the situation created on many farms and the very real dangers faced by stock that is suddenly without shelter,” explained NBA director, Kim Haywood.

“Damage caused by natural disasters like flood and drought regularly qualify for emergency relief and the Association has asked Mr Lochhead to take advantage of his position as cabinet secretary and secure the release of some of the Scottish Government’s adversity funds to cover extreme snow damage.”