Ishida ups the ante on weighing
Published:  27 April, 2012

Ishida has launched a new range of checkweighers, which it claims is "materially advancing the accuracy and speed of checkweighing".

The DACS-G series features a new extra-sensitive load cell, which the company claims allowing for faster and more accurate processing. The checkweighers can handle a variety of weights, switching between a maximum capacity of 600g (0.5g graduations) and 1,500g (0.5g graduations) ranges at the touch of a button.

The machines also feature Ishida's Discolating Force Limiter, located between the weigh conveyor and the sensor unit, which disconnects when objects are dropped on the weighing belt or excess pressure is exerted during cleaning, thus protecting the sensor. Ishida says the DACS-G checkweigher is its most hygiene-friendly checkweigher yet, with a rounded stainless steel body and open frame design to eliminate bacteria traps and make cleaning simple and fast.

The vital measurement unit is protected during operation and cleaning by special housing.