Enhanced seal force offered
Published:  27 April, 2012

Heat-sealing specialist Proseal has launched a new seal force system, which it claims offers an enhanced sealing process and energy efficiency.

The company said its new EcoSeal achieves a dramatic reduction in air consumption compared to traditional high-speed tray-sealing machinery, delivering energy savings, cost savings and environmental benefits.

Patented EcoSeal technology means the seal force can be increased by as much as 190% over conventional sealing machines, while consuming only 30% of the air required for a machine fitted with an equivalent standard pneumatic cylinder. As well as reducing energy consumption and costs, this ensures that the seals produced are of the highest standard and reliability.

The EcoSeal system can also increase machine productivity through a reduced seal time, thus helping to maximise production throughput. And it can be specified on all new Proseal GT series tray-sealing equipment. The system can also be retrofitted to existing models including the F40 and F45.

"Our approach to machine development and new technology means we are constantly seeking to improve all aspects of our machines' performance," said Carl Phythian, projects manager at Proseal. "EcoSeal enables companies to demonstrate a real commitment to environmental issues, while delivering tangible improvements to the bottom line."