Multivac gets ready for Barcelona
Published:  11 May, 2012

Multivac will be showcasing a range of its innovation package solutions at the Barcelona Food Technology (Bta) fair in Barcelona, on 15-18 May.

It will be showing its thermoformable film packing concept, Mylar Cook, which was specially developed by DuPont Teijin Films for the preparation of high-temperature food up to 218C. The product is cooked in the oven or in the microwave in its sealed pack, thereby retaining the aromas, vitamins, minerals and inherent moisture of the product during the cooking process. It is available exclusively from Multivac, which also supplies the corresponding packaging machines.

The company will also showcase its machine concept for the manufacture of pre-pack packaging, with an R 535 thermoforming packaging machine, which is equipped with a folding station, and an MR635 cross web labeller. Downstream from the R 535 is an MBS 110 converging system with integrated metal detector for converging the packs. The R 535 offers a simple die change and easy access to the dies, thanks to an innovative drawer system and electrically hinged dies. Its pack also presents sliced food to make it appear as if it has been 'freshly packed' at the sales counter.

The high-end tray sealer T 700 in an integrated packaging line will also be shown. The double-track machine is primarily suited for small and round trays and regulates its speed and travel movements, with pack ejecting working efficiently and reliably in all its processes. The destacking of the trays is carried out by a tray destacker from Carsoe. The packaging line for the fair is equipped with a H 130 handling module with a four-axis robot for placing the finished tray packs into outer cartons.

The T 300 tray-sealer machine model enables smaller speciality companies to make the entry into the automatic packing of food products in trays. The T 300 seals roughly 20 MAP packs a minute. The format change requires no tools and is software supported, which makes format conversion very simple.

Multivac produces thermoform packaging machines, a range of tray-sealers, vacuum chamber machines, chamber conveyor machines, labellers, quality control systems, automation solutions, and even ready-to-use lines.