Hygienic meat grinder
Published:  14 September, 2012

Interfood Technology has added what it describes as "the latest solution in meat grinding" to its line in the UK and Ireland.

According to Interfood, the Carnitech 280mm CombiGrind, from Danish company Carnitech, can be used for the grinding of deep-frozen and fresh meat, and has been developed with a focus on hygiene, throughput, product quality, safety and energy efficiency.

The machine features an air gap between the gearbox and product, which Interfood said was a "significant advance" and eliminates the potential of cross-contamination as the product will not come into contact with the driving mechanism of the grinder.

Although the grinder has a volume of 450 litres, the actual capacity depends on the type of meat being used in it. With the option of a double knife set and a bone eliminating system, the company said that maximum throughput and product quality can be achieved. The bone eliminating system also minimises hard particles in the end-product by providing air-assisted "blow out" of the waste without the need for any external air pipes and cabling, which enhances hygiene, the company said.

Attention has also been paid to ease of maintenance, with a "swing away" system eliminating the need for any lifting on strip down and rebuild.

Interfood Technology product manager Martin Wareham said: "Danish manufacturers have a real flair for combining the heavy-duty build quality demanded by modern food processing production with simplicity of operation. This grinder meets the requirements of the most demanding processing applications."