Genus sets new trap
Published:  01 September, 2012

Control of flying insects in butchers' shops has been made easier by Genus' latest insect light traps.

The Orbit insect light trap incorporates a new patented translucent technology and a light unit that emits UVA with "greater intensity in a wider sphere", compared to other similar units, the company said. The technology in the lightbox allows rays to be dispersed from the front, top and sides of the unit, which increases coverage.

Genus claimed the Orbit also has several innovative features that ensure easy servicing and increased safety, reducing time and costs. A new "fully-opening side-hinged door", for example, allows hands to stay free for cleaning and other maintenance.

The company has also released the Orbit Jet Proof, which is IP65 rated, meaning it is dust-proof as well as being protected against water ingress.

Genus said the product features a specially designed system for maintaining the proofing of the product to ensure performance in a variety of challenging environments.