"Give a fork about your pork" consumers told
Published:  07 January, 2013

Consumers are being urged to “give a fork about your pork” with a series of campaigning videos now airing across Channel 4’s on demand services.

The three videos, featuring celebrity pig farmer Jimmy Doherty, highlights the values behind Red Tractor pork production and urges consumers to seek out the Red Tractor logo on packs of pork, bacon, sausages and ham.

Appearing in relation to food and lifestyle programmes on Channel 4 On Demand, and also on a Channel 4 microsite, the three videos cover the entire range of production through to consumption, culminating in Jimmy and Bpex’s Keith Fisher demonstrating the range of cuts and a number of recipes.

The campaign, which will run from January to the beginning of March, will also be supported with PR and social media campaigns.