Charity charts costs of badger cull
Published:  07 January, 2014

The badger culls in England cost £4,121 per dead badger last year, according to wildlife charity Care for the Wild’s official sources and Freedom of Information requests.

The new figures, which claim the culls last year cost a total of £7.3m, have been published by Care for the Wild.

The charity claimed the “final reckoning” of the cull totalled £2.6m in police costs, £1.49m in farmers’ costs and £3.2m in government costs.

Care for the Wild’s policy advisor Dominic Dyer said: “This government has delivered one of the most disastrous and expensive wildlife culls in history. It has wasted millions of pounds on a badger cull that has no scientific, animal welfare or economic justification, and which was carried out in an outrageously sloppy manner, which would be laughable if it hadn’t cost so many badgers’ lives.
“All of this has been done to the sound of scientists almost universally saying that culling simply won’t have any significant impact on the disease, and to the statistics that say there has been a 10% reduction in the number of cattle slaughtered this year, prior to the culls, due to better cattle management alone.

Paid by farmers and landowners

However, Andy Robertson, director general of the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) commented on the figures saying the cost of the culls should “not be confused” with the costs of policing protestors.

He added: “The culls were paid for by farmers and landowners and carried out by independent companies in areas where TB is rife and is having a devastating impact on farming families and their businesses.
“The work carried out by the cull companies was legal and licensed and was carried out safely and humanely. Policing costs are a matter for government, but any costs would be a reflection of the threats of illegal action, trespass and intimidation by anti-cull protestors.”