NFU says right CAP is central to food security
Published:  08 January, 2014

Speaking at the Oxford Farming Conference yesterday, National Farmers’ Union (NFU) president Peter Kendall said a refocused Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) was vital for the farming industry’s future.

Kendall said: “Getting the CAP right is absolutely fundamental, not just to us as farmers, but to all of us, inside Europe and out. It is difficult to overstate how much the future of the CAP matters.”

The NFU president argued that much needed to change, including stripping things down to the bare essentials and allowing countries enough power to decide their own rural development programmes and environmental enhancement priorities.

Kendall, who will step down in February, said he believed a progressive government and European Commission which champion competitive agriculture are essential to a successful farming future.

“I hope my successor gets to work with a government that promotes, rather than disadvantages, its own farmers, and one that stands at the heart of Europe, bringing others along with it, to improve agriculture’s competitiveness instead of standing on the sidelines. And finally and critically, that the EU gets back to agreeing policy in-line with, rather than out of tune with, the massive challenge of global food security,” he added.