Head count reminder for Scottish sheep- and goat-keepers
Published:  23 January, 2014

NFU Scotland (NFUS) has reminded all sheep- and goat-keepers to complete their annual return before the end of January deadline.

The Scottish government contacts keepers each year to ask how many sheep or goats are on their holdings on 1 January of that year. This year’s inventories are due at the end of the month.

The annual head count has been required since its initiation in 2006.

NFUS livestock policy manager John Sleigh said: “Those who keep sheep and goats in Scotland have had a number of years now to get used to having to complete the annual inventory, but it is always a task that can easily slip the mind.

“However, its completion is statutory and the forms carry the warning that failure to return your annual inventory can increase your chances of being selected for a sheep and goat inspection and carries the risk of a cross compliance penalty.  

“We would urge all farmers to avoid that if possible and get these simple forms completed and sent back as promptly as they can.”