Bpex to run pig producer workshops
Published:  30 January, 2014

Bpex is running a series of workshops to help pig producers understand employment law and avoid potentially expensive fines.

The workshops, run by an employment relations specialist from ACAS, will cover a range of topics, including the abolition of the Agricultural Wages Board, contracts of employment, pay and holiday entitlements.

“It may be difficult for many producers to keep up-to-date with employment issues and current legal obligations, so it is proving beneficial to provide a forum in which to get the latest information and discuss specific queries in this often complex area,” said Bpex skills manager Samantha Bowsher.

The next workshop will take place in Bury St Edmunds on 27 February.

Bpex said that if producers in other regions were interested attending a workshop, they should get in touch with its knowledge transfer team at www.bpex.org.uk/2ts/contact.aspx.