Asda meat trader receives Peter Asquith award
Published:  05 February, 2014

Jim Viggars, the face of Asda’s TV adverts for meat, has been awarded the supermarket’s internal Peter Asquith award after 30 years at the retailing giant.

Senior meat trader Viggars has been awarded Asda’s most prestigious award, which is named after one of the founding fathers of the retailer and is presented to one employee each year who has gone the extra mile for the business.
He said: “I’m still nipping myself. It has been 30 years since I joined the Asda business and I’m surrounded by quality people. I’m a shopkeeper and I absolutely love selling and ensuring we put great-quality products on the shelves for our customers, receiving the Peter Asquith award is the highlight of my entire career and I am full of pride and joy to be recognised.”

Viggars was a key contributor to Asda’s launch of the Butcher’s Selection range, for which he was the face of the TV meat marketing campaign.

After beginning his career at an abattoir, Viggars started work as a trainee butcher at Asda. He progressed through the ranks to become a butcher, a meat manager, a sales development manager and then a trainee buyer. He started working in his current role, as a senior trader, nine years ago.

He currently works with 8,500 beef producers and 5,000 lamb producers, and regularly attends agricultural shows. Viggars has also helped Asda raise £5m for charity, leading the way by taking part in a number of endurance races.