Scotch Beef PGI campaign targets 11 million people
Published:  11 February, 2014

Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) last week launched a £650,000 campaign to promote PGI Scotch Beef, targeting 11 million consumers.

The campaign will take place in Scotland and in England, where the focus will be on the south east and Greater London. Part-financed by the European Union, it will highlight the provenance, traceability and integrity of Scotch Beef, covering 955 poster sites over eight weeks.

Promotional packs will be sent out to 300 butchers, while magazine adverts will appear in national and Scottish press. The multi-channel promotion will also encourage consumers to discover recipes and cooking apps.

Laurent Vernet, QMS head of marketing, said: “We’re experiencing record consumer awareness of Scotch Beef PGI in London and the Home Counties and the campaign offers the perfect platform to capitalise on this.

“Targeting professionals, food enthusiasts and families, we hope to showcase not only the quality of Scotch Beef but also its versatility and accessibility. Whether it’s a special treat, dinner out or a simple family meal, we want consumers to choose Scotch Beef as a brand they can trust and have confidence in to be the best.”