NPA to publish lorry cleanliness league table
Published:  13 February, 2014

The National Pig Association (NPA) is polling pig producers at abattoirs on lorry washes, with the aim of creating a cleanliness league table.

The poorest performers will be able to see how they rated next to their competitors, and will be encouraged to improve their lorry-washing facilities.

Unclean lorries could assist the spread of endemic diseases such as swine dysentery, and imported diseases such as African swine fever, said the NPA.

In order to stop disease from spreading, the association wants hauliers to properly wash and disinfect their vehicles every time they deliver pigs to the abattoir. It cited a number of ways in which many abattoir washing facilities are inadequate, including poor lighting, low water pressure and washing bays being too close together.

NPA chairman Richard Longthorp said: “Abattoirs may be reluctant to invest in modern lorry-washing facilities because they see it as dead money, but this is short-sighted. They rely on a reliable supply of British pigs, so it should really be at the top of their agenda.

“We need good lorry-washing facilities, which in turn will encourage all hauliers to ensure their vehicles are thoroughly washed and disinfected before they depart to collect another load of pigs.”