Butchers and suppliers donate meat to Somerset flooding victims
Published:  18 February, 2014

Evans Butchers in Langport, with help from Tican meat suppliers, have been delivering meat to those cut off by the floods in Somerset.

Butcher Pedro Aparicio has been turning donated meat into ready meals and delivering them to the residents of Muchelny and Thorney in Somerset. Aparicio, who said the floods had been a nightmare, has paid a special tribute to the generosity of Tican.

He said: “We’re right in the middle of it all and we’ve been asking suppliers to donate meat to send out to the people.

“All I asked for from Tican was a case of beef knuckles for ready meals, but they have given so much. They sent us about 100lb of bacon, beef knuckles and hams.

“They are also going to send a shedload of cleaning goods to help with the clean-up. I would like to thank Tican, as would everyone else down here, for their generosity.”

The butcher told MTJ that a lot of the people affected were his customers, and that they had been living an island existence for around eight weeks.

He added that the flooding had had a disastrous effect on the meat industry in the area, with all the local meat farmers slowly going under water.