Northern butcher praised by food critic
Published:  21 February, 2014

North of England catering butcher Yorkshire Dales Meat Company (YDMC) has been praised by tough food critics in the north.

Darlington and Stockton Times editor Malcolm Warne praised the company for its burgers, which looked “handmade” and for its lean beef.

He further said that, when the beef was cooked, “moisture was retained and the result was a depth of flavour that lasted until the last mouthful”.

YDMC finance director James Knox said: “The review was really unexpected and there was a bit of a gulp when we saw Malcolm’s name at the top before we’d actually read the article, but his assessment was hugely positive and welcome.

“Malcolm’s reviews are widely read and respected across the Dales, Yorkshire, North East and further afield, so we’re confident this piece will have a really good impact on supermarket sales and also demonstrate the quality of our beef – as well as pork, lamb, game and other meats – to chefs and restaurants looking for a top supplier.”