Tesco cowed by ad blunder
Published:  21 March, 2014

Tesco has found itself in hot water after a gaffe over its latest milk adverts led to farmers and the general public milking it for all it is worth.

The retail giant managed to use images of beef cows across posters advertising low milk prices, an error that has been greeted with derision by the trade.

The posters promote Tesco’s price of £1 for four pints of milk, but the accompanying picture shows a field of grazing Hereford cross cows, which are only used for meat.

The campaign has since been scrapped and Tesco said the adverts were being replaced.

However, the mistake did not go unnoticed on the social media circuit. @StephenOD tweeted: “Whoops! Milk from a Beef cow... Now that’s clever! #Tesco milk promotion has a bit of a bovine identity crisis.”

Meanwhile, @xXFodhlaXx’s tweet added: “In udder news, Tesco used an image of beef cattle in a milk advertisement. Cow embarrassing!”