Eblex pushes new lamb marketing campaign
Published:  01 April, 2014

Eblex’s marketing channel, Simply Lamb and Beef, has teamed up with celebrity chef Mark Sergeant to promote its latest lamb campaign, Adventure Lamb.

Adventure Lamb with Mark Sergeant aims to encourage modern parents to be more adventurous with cooking lamb, through step-by-step recipe videos and recipes for dishes such as curries and casseroles. Mark Sargeant explained: “Mums who enjoy family holidays abroad are replicating local dishes at home and, as a nation, we are embracing international cuisine more and more. With Easter just around the corner, and with spring lamb the meat of the season, it seems they might be looking for something more adventurous this year.”

Research carried out by Eblex found that nearly two-thirds of families eat internationally inspired meat dishes, with lamb at the top of the list of meat they wish to do more with. Only 4% of mums asked said international dishes were not a regular part of the family’s diet. According to 2,000 mums asked, international food was deemed too exotic, or a luxury, when they were a child.

“The domestic lamb market remains our most lucrative market, so we are always looking at new ways to encourage the lamb-eating habit and innovative ways to excite targeted consumers,” said Nick White, head of consumer marketing for Eblex. “The ‘adventurous lamb’ theme is something that will run through our work and which we feel will resonate with households across the country.”

Alongside its marketing campaign, Eblex is continuing to push for market access in countries where English lamb and beef is not exported, which ultimately helps support the farmgate price and balance the carcase. This activity is not detrimental to promoting beef and lamb in the home market.