MTJ’s April Fools’ story goes international
Published:  04 April, 2014

MTJ’s April Fools’ story, about a fictional claim from the ‘Doncaster Doner Association’ that the doner kebab actually hails from the Yorkshire town, has caused outrage in Turkish newspapers and television.

Our bogus blague, written by Kevin Kofta, which detailed Doncaster’s campaign to get Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status for the doner, seems to have worked its way over to Turkey.

This was brought to our attention when we saw a video from a major Turkish media outlet taking to the streets to ask people what they thought of the erroneous claims. One interviewee responded “the kebab is ours”, with another declaring, “they only know about hamburger, nothing else.” The story is also being published by a Turkish daily newspaper.

A few UK readers biting the bait was what we were looking for, but an international reaction was certainly beyond our expectations. Job done.

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