Green Party manifesto tackles animal welfare
Published:  15 April, 2014

Ahead of the European elections this year, the Green Party has released a manifesto that aims to fight against factory farming, live exports and the badger cull.

The party’s Manifesto on Animal Protection looks to act against the “proliferation of mega-farms” and “antibiotic over-use”, introduce “tough new regulations on animal transport across Europe”, and calls for CCTV in slaughterhouses and better labelling.

The manifesto is vocal in its defence of badgers, while it also covers topics such as animal experimentation, wildlife crime and bullfighting.

Caroline Allen, Green Party MEP candidate, animals spokesperson and a working vet, said: “Only the Green Party has strong policies on animal issues and a record of action. I am really proud to launch this document, showing the hard work of our Green MEPs in Europe and presenting our commitment for the future. If you want to vote for animals you have to vote Green.”

The Greens say Europe must take animal protection seriously, claiming that millions of animals across Europe live short, brutal lives in barren factory farms. The Greens’ opposition to factory farming includes a push for a ban on cages for laying hens and pig farrowing crates.

Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader, said: “I’m proud of the Green Party’s record of campaigning for animal protection. Green MEPs have a strong record in Europe, as does MP Caroline Lucas in Westminster. We have seen significant progress on these issues in recent years, but there’s still a long way to go.

“As an agricultural science graduate, I’m particularly passionate about ending factory farming of animals: this is indefensible, not just on animal protection grounds, but also a significant threat to human health.”