Organic suppliers look to China for exports
Published:  22 April, 2014

With organic demand in China growing the UK Soil Association Certification (SAC) has teamed up with its Chinese counterparts to make it cheaper and simpler for UK suppliers to export.

The Chinese market for organic products is estimated to be worth $7.8bn (£4.6bn) by 2015, according to BioFach China. In 2013 the SAC recorded a 6% growth for its certified UK businesses, which hope to start exporting to China. The SAC will work in collaboration with China’s Organic Food Development Centre (OFDC) as part of its export support programme which, supported by Defra, aims to open up new opportunities for its certified businesses through working with international governments, trade associations and export agencies around the world.

Xingji Xiao, director of OFDC in Beijing, said: “We think the partnership is good and very important for our collaboration and can help us promote our mutual organic programme.”

Emma Yeats, senior certification officer, Soil Association Certification, said: “This new partnership comes at a time where there is positive growth in both the UK and Chinese organic markets and exports of UK organic produce to China can really flourish. Working with OFDC will make the process of certification for our UK licensees wanting to export to China both efficient and cost-effective. We are delighted with this partnership, which helps develop an important export opportunity.”