Heck wins Asda deal and predicts sector dominance
Published:  24 April, 2014

Sausage company Heck Food, which started selling in Tesco last April, has had its contract extended, as well as winning a new deal with Asda. Heck's founder told meatinfo.co.uk that it had been a great first year, and that Heck would be “the number one premium sausage brand in 18 months”.

Heck’s Tesco extension comes after going into 550 stores last year, and the bangers will soon be on the shelves of 285 Asda stores. Founder Andrew Keeble said he was pleased with the company’s progress and has predicted yet more success in the future, saying deals with other major retailers will soon be announced.

Keeble explained that the initial break Heck got from Tesco and the support they had received from them since had made for a fantastic first year. “Tesco has backed us so well; it was a risky move for them, but they liked us and it has paid off. The first year was about establishing ourselves in a major retailer, and we’ve done that. On top of that we’ve got Asda now, so it has been a really good start.”

Andrew, one of five Keebles involved in the business, believes the company’s progress is down to its independent, family nature, as well as genuine farming connections. He said: “We are very transparent, very honest, with direct links to our farms. We make all of our own seasonings so we control our recipes and what goes into the sausages.”

He added that the younger members of his family had helped him to target a younger audience. “The sausage market audience is a bit older, but we target 18- to 45-year-olds. We are therefore bringing new people in to the sector – 50% of all Heck sales are to people who are new to the sector. Ours is a younger audience, our brand is about going for it, taking risks, and being spontaneous and bold.”

Looking to the future, Keeble said the biggest job this year was to raise awareness. “We are mean, lean and keen and I believe we are making the best sausages on the market”, he added.