Tulip Foodservice launches sous vide range
Published:  07 May, 2014

Tulip Foodservice is promoting its new sous vide range, having trialled it at Hotelympia.

The new 10 Minutes or Less range includes medium to high-end sous vide pork with products including Pork Collar Stroganoff, Pork Collar in Ale, Pork Collar Diced Chilli, Pork Collar Diced Vindaloo and Pork Fillet Char Siu.

As the name suggests, they can all be cooked in 10 minutes or less, and are individually portioned in a cooking bag containing the cut of pork, vegetables and sauce. The products have been cooked sous vide for six hours at one of Tulip’s 17 UK sites, before being frozen for freshness. They will be available for October menus.

Simon Shirley, Tulip Foodservice solutions director, said: “Our 10 Minutes or Less range was created from listening to our customers and the everyday issues they face. The pressure to turn around a quality meal from order to plate in 10 minutes is becoming more and more difficult. Our 10 Minutes or Less range is designed to combat this.”

The products are designed to be reheated in the bag from frozen or chilled, in a microwave, steamed or boiled. There are 22 further lines in development for both winter and summer menus.

Shirley added: “Pork is so versatile and excellent value for money compared to beef and other commodities in this marketplace, but commonly has a longer cook time and is notoriously difficult to get just right. With less experienced chefs or kitchen staff pork can easily be over- or under-cooked. But with our new range you don’t need top chefs or expensive cooking machinery – you can create great quality meals with just a microwave or a pan of boiling water.”