Infographic: BPC highlights low poultry price rises
Published:  20 May, 2014

New data shows that poultry prices have risen at the slowest rate of 29 different food categories in an Office for National Statistics study.

The British Poultry Council (BPC) has presented the information to show that between January 1987 and December 2013, poultry prices have risen by 46.6%, at around 1.8% a year on average. This is in comparison to 153.6% for soft drinks and 186.4% for sweets and chocolate over the same period. The BPC said that poultry is cost effective when compared to other meats, with beef, pork and fish all more than doubling in price since 1987.

Andrew Large, BPC’s chief executive, added: “Let’s be clear, this slow rate of growth is due to improved industry efficiencies over the past 26 years that have been passed on to consumers. It has nothing to do with supermarket price wars.

“Poultry meat remains the best value meat for families in the UK. The UK poultry industry is committed to providing a wide range of tasty, nutritious and affordable products and offering consumers choice. We are proud that almost half the meat eaten in the UK is poultry and look forward to increasing our sales in 2014.”

Poultry prices have also risen much more slowly than alcoholic drinks, personal goods, services, fares and other travel costs since 1987.

BPC members are responsible for over 90% of the UK’s total output of poultry meat, including nearly 875 million chicken broilers in 2012.

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