Beef shoulder brochure helps butchers add value
Published:  22 May, 2014

Profit from the Beef Shoulder, a new publication from Eblex, has been developed to help processors and butchers add value to the beef carcase.

The brochure provides detailed information on how to make use of the beef shoulder, which accounts for almost 15% of the carcase and consists of 11 main muscles, with instructions on deboning and seam cutting it into individual muscles. The weight and yield of each muscle also feature to help businesses plan butchery costings.

Business development manager for Eblex Dick van Leeuwen said: “As well as helping businesses to maximise the value of the beef carcase, we feel that this brochure will be an incredibly useful educational tool for staff, particularly for new people coming into the industry. It has already been well received by those who have seen it and Eblex is proud of this recognition.”

The guide showcases the different cuts that can be obtained from the shoulder muscles, like the ‘needle’ (Eblex code: shin B008), which is great for slow cooking, and the underblade fillet (Eblex code: chuck B022), an ideal cut for steaks and stir-frys.

Profit from the Beef Shoulder is from the new series of Eblex knowledge transfer brochures, providing butchery advice for maximising profits throughout the supply chain.