Exports in focus at Eblex conference
Published:  17 June, 2014

Eblex is to put the UK’s beef and lamb export strategy under the spotlight at its annual export conference next week.

Exports will be the focus of the 10th annual Eblex conference on 25 June 2014, to be held at Stoneleigh Park. Food and farming minister George Eustice will present the conference and Eblex reported that current practice and future challenges will be debated. Other presentations include one on Asian premium meat retailing by Victoria Santini, head of Asia for the Institute of Grocery Distribution. UKTI Food and Drink’s Rob Furse will examine the UKTI’s contribution to meat exports.  

Jean-Pierre Garnier, Eblex export manager, said: “As the export landscape evolves for beef and lamb, it is important to examine how the industry can adapt to help ensure the UK maximises its potential. The type of products we are exporting is changing and so are the markets.

“This conference is the ideal forum for industry stakeholders to discuss these ideas on how best to make the most of the opportunities we have. With 102 markets now open for lamb and 91 for beef there are a lot of opportunities out there.”

Eblex reported that the conference is free to levy-payers and offers a “good opportunity to network” with delegates. To express interest in attending the event contact Claire Sayers-Smith on 024 7647 8820 or email Claire.sayers-smith@eblex.org.uk.