Poultry is UK’s number one meat, says BPC
Published:  17 June, 2014

Almost 70% of the population buy and consume more poultry than any other meat, according to new British Poultry Council (BPC) research.

The study, commissioned ahead of Food Safety Week (16-22 June) and carried out by Populus, revealed that poultry meat is the most popular meat to buy and eat for 69% of those surveyed, with beef coming in a distant second with 16%. Pork was the most popular choice for 11% of consumers, with lamb at 4%.

Andrew Large, BPC chief executive, said: “I’m not surprised that it’s Britain’s number one. Poultry is a tasty, nutritious and versatile meat that represents great value for consumers.”

The study showed that poultry meat, which is made up of chicken, duck, goose and turkey, is a particular hit with women. It was the meat of choice for 76% of women, compared to 63% of men. It is also popular with young people, according to the study, with 79% of 18- to 24-year-olds picking it as their favourite.

The same study found that around a third of those surveyed believed consumers don’t know enough about food safety. For Food Safety Week, the BPC is also encouraging consumers to minimise foodborne illnesses by advising them not to wash chicken.

Large added: “It is important to prepare and cook poultry safely. Our research suggests there are some important gaps in consumers’ knowledge and it is vital that we support efforts to get the kitchen hygiene message across during Food Safety Week.”