Scottish bodies join forces on lamb
Published:  24 June, 2014

Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) has announced it will work in partnership with other Scottish bodies to help further promote Scotch Lamb.

QMS unveiled its plans for a PR partnership with the National Farmers’ Union Scotland (NFUS) and the National Sheep Association (NSA) at the Royal Highland Show in Ingliston, with the help of television presenter Cat Cubie.

The marketing strategy is being kept under wraps, but the initiative will be a continuation of the QMS ‘Wham Bam thank you Lamb’ campaign, and will see Scotch Lamb available for testing across supermarkets in Scotland.

Jim McLaren, QMS chairman, said: “We are looking forward to working closely with the NFUS and NSA on this initiative and delighted with the response achieved so far from farmers around the country, who are keen to get involved.

“The fact that there is so much early support from grassroots level for this joint initiative is really encouraging and augurs well for its success.

“Every sheep farmer in Scotland can be a fantastic brand ambassador for Scotch Lamb and, by working together, we hope to drive home the message about the quality of our natural, grass-fed product, underpinned by the industry’s quality assurance schemes.”