The best of the #meatdebate
Published:  19 August, 2014

Last night’s BBC programme Horizon, Should I Eat Meat?, caused quite a stir on Twitter, with Meat Trades Journal taking the lead using the #meatdebate.

Presenter, Doctor Michael Mosley endeavoured to uncover ‘the truth about meat?’, which for most confirmed what we already knew - everything in moderation. Here are some of our #meatdebate highlights.

1. It was a non-starter for some

2. Mosley highlighted chicken to be “safe”, contrary to recent reports..

3. The negative effects of processed meat was the focus of the programme, which some brought into question

4. Mosley embarked on a high meat diet of 130g a day of red-meat, 60g over the recommended amount and reported increased high blood pressure and cholesteral

5. The programme then made comparisons between eating processed meat and negative lifestlye choices, such as smoking

6. The study suggested a bacon sandwich a day takes two years off your life

7. Which caused a bit of a problem for some

8. But the programme acknowledged the importance of the meat industry

9. Mosley and the #meatdebate concluded that red-meat in moderation was key