Eblex extends mini-roast campaign to TV
Published:  28 August, 2014

Following the launch of the mini-roasts brochure, Eblex has revealed it will promote the product through a television advertisement.

The 10- and 30-second advertisements see a man at the end of his working day volunteering to take charge of supper. He makes his way home by way of a rocket-powered jetpack, which is, in fact, an oven with a mini-roast cooking inside.

The advert, ‘Jetpack Journey Home’ aims to convey the ‘Why wait ’til Sunday?’ message, while encouraging viewers to use the hashtag #miniroast on social media.

Jane Ritchie-Smith, head of consumer marketing for Eblex, said: “Consumers have been crying out for some much-needed innovation. Last year, we introduced The Carvery – a range of beef and lamb mini-roasts developed to appeal to smaller households and those looking for a simple, yet rewarding midweek meal solution.

“Our new TV campaign has been developed to inspire consumers to consider a beef or lamb mini-roast when planning their midweek meals.”

‘Jetpack Journey Home’ will be aired on ITV on Tuesday and Wednesdays from 22 September 2014 until the end of October.