‘Cor Blimey’ chilli launched
Published:  29 August, 2014

Meat seasoning manufacturer Unbar Rothon has launched a new seasoning for burgers and sausages with the help of a Q Guild butcher.

The new seasoning, ‘Chilli Cor Blimey’, is part of its Butcher’s Pride range. The name comes from Robert Munt, a butcher celebrated as the 100th butcher to join the Q Guild, who was invited to test the seasoning. Munt, who is from a long line of butchers and now retired, said he used Unbar Rothon seasonings throughout his career. “It has been astonishing how they managed to reproduce it exactly every time, which was something we rarely managed,” Munt commented.

Unbar Rothon’s director Richard Rothon, who attended the Q Guild meeting at which the naming ceremony took place, commented on the name: “It fires the imagination into thinking of the sweet heat of the chilli,” he added.