Butcher’s targets students with value meat box
Published:  01 September, 2014

Butcher’s shop G N Badley and Sons is offering university students across the country affordable meat through its new student meat box scheme which it hopes will set it apart from the supermarkets.

The butcher’s shop, based in Trench, Shropshire, will offer first-year students a value meat box that can be delivered to any halls of residence in the UK, within 24 hours.

The value meat box for students is £50 and includes four packs of mince beef, two packs of stir-fry chicken, 18 classic pork sausages, 18 slices of dry cured back bacon, a pack of diced chicken, two packets of stir-fry beef, four beef burgers and an 8oz rump steak for free.

Operations director Simon Badley, said: “We thought this would be a great way for students to make sure they were getting some good meat when they move away.

“With enquiries into what is exactly is in meat in supermarkets and big chain stores, this way students know they are shopping at a trusted family-run butcher’s, but also don’t have to leave the house to get their meat.

“We have made sure the new meat box is a good price and jam-packed full of meat that can be used to make quick and easy meals.

“And even if the students do not get around to ordering the box, parents can order it to be delivered to the student’s home so they can be safe in the knowledge that their children are eating well. It makes perfect sense to us and we are very pleased to be able to offer this new product for sale.”

The student value box is the latest addition to a range of meat boxes introduced by the shop since February.

Badley added: “Our hope is that this new product helps to both reinvent shopping for students, but also dispels old myths about eating badly while away from home.

“Like any family-run independent shop we need something that will set us apart from supermarkets and big chains – we think this has hit the nail on the head.”