Meat bodies offer new online statistics
Published:  02 September, 2014

Eblex and Bpex have revealed a new online library of meat statistics ranging from livestock numbers to the seasonality of meat markets.

The statistics, compiled into 13 documents including information on abattoirs, global trade, national balance sheets, livestock numbers, trade and seasonality of markets, replace the old Meatfacts library which was originally faxed out to subscribers.

Stephen Howarth, market specialist manager for AHDB/Eblex, said: “Meatstats are a valuable resource for the meat industry in the UK and globally, containing key information on an array of subjects.

“They are the go-to place for industry facts and figures, complementing the other resource we already have online via the Eblex and Bpex websites and will be updated as appropriate.”

The library of Meatstats documents, which are free to AHDB levy payers, can be found at: http://markets.eblex.org.uk/markets/meatstats.aspx