False meat claims see Fortnum & Mason stripped of Royal grocer title
Published:  30 September, 2014

Fortnum & Mason been ditched as the Royal grocer after it became apparent it was making false claims on its meat packaging, according to the Mail Online.

After 150 years of supplying royalty, the upmarket company has had its ties cut with the Queen and has issued an apology as it has been exposed for inaccurate meat labelling. A number of meat products claimed to be from the Royal Farms on the packaging. However it was discovered that the Windsor Estate had stopped supplying Fortnum & Mason, and the meat was coming from elsewhere in the country.

The Mail Online reported that Fortnum & Mason was selling ‘Windsor smoked streaky bacon’ and ‘Windsor green streaky bacon’ nearly two months after it had stopped doing business with Royal Farms. Meats labelled with the statement ‘From the Royal Farms in Windsor Park, Berkshire’, actually come from suppliers in Norfolk and Gloucestershire, it added.

Fortnum’s claims the incident was due to a simple mistake. A spokesperson said: “There was an unintentional error with product labelling. As soon as realised, we resolved this and have apologised to any customers who bought the product in error.”