Eblex improves online lamb yield tools
Published:  21 October, 2014

Eblex has launched “new and improved” beef and lamb costing and yield calculation tools, to help businesses improve their operational effectiveness.

The organisation said the new tools – three each for beef and lamb – can be found on the ‘Yield’ section of the Eblex Trade website, www.eblextrade.co.uk, with step-by-step instructions, to allow butchers, processors and retailers to gain optimum yields and maximise profit margins.

The tools, which include blank costing and yield calculation templates for businesses to use and download to their own computers, are as follows:

1. Carcase cut into primal muscles. This tool calculates the yield and profit margins that can be derived from a side of beef or a whole lamb carcase.

2. Carcase into retail/foodservice cuts. This yield comparison tool enables users to cost the carcase into retail/foodservice cuts. It calculates profit potential between traditional and alternative cutting methods.

3. Individual primal muscles into retail/foodservice cuts. This has been developed to cost single primal muscle cuts into retail/foodservice cuts, again calculating profit potential between different butchery techniques.

Dick van Leeuwen, business development manager for Eblex, said: “The costing and yield calculation tools are extremely useful resources to any business operating in the beef and lamb sectors. They have always been one of the more popular resources on our website and we’re sure that the enhancements will make them integral tools for many more businesses. They are free to use and are available to all visitors to the Eblex trade website.

“Other useful resources we’ve recently developed to help businesses improve their yield and profit potential, include: the ‘Beef Yield Guide’, ‘Lamb Yield Guide’ and ‘Profit from the Beef Shoulder’ guide.”